Do you need a virtual assistant?

If you are wasting hours of your valuable time doing small distracting admin tasks we could save you time and money with our virtual assistance service.
We specialise in digital, well being, and creative industry business, and understand these tend to offer either hands-on services or making your stock. We'll take over those little time-consuming tasks, leaving you to focus on the more important aspects of your business, and the parts you enjoy the most. 
Here are some of the services we can provide to our clients:

  • Newsletter writing
  • Canva graphic creation
  • Data entry and processing
  • Hashtag research
  • Transcription
  • Desk-based research
  • Entering online product details 
  • Database creation and management
  • Event management
Virtual Assistance in Cumbria

Flexible support and administration services that complement your business, freeing up your time to spend elsewhere.

The time used will be recorded and billed at the end of the month.


A set project price to suit your budget and requirements. This is perfect when you know the full scope of your project.

The price will be quoted after a discovery call.

AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION£0.95 per audio minute

Our standard service is £0.95 per audio minute

Weekend service is £1.20 per audio minute
Express 24 Hour service is £1.25 per audio minute

Pricing will depend on the audio quality, the number of speakers, dialect, and the requested turnaround.

Terms & Conditions

As an award-winning virtual assistant, I understand that every client and service booked is unique. We don't put our virtual assistant services into packages but will design a bespoke service for your needs. Below are our terms and conditions of service.
  • After initial consultations and quotation is accepted work will commence on receipt of a signed contract.
  • A signed acceptance of our terms and conditions and booking form must be received by us before work can commence on your assignment. We reserve the right to amend our original quotation and request a new booking form signature at any time should additional work be requested by the client.
  • I am not VAT registered.
  • An invoice will be sent to the client on completion of work and is payable strictly within the stated time limit, as per the full terms and conditions.
  • For clients who use our services on a retained basis, we will issue an invoice monthly on the final day of each month.
  • All invoices are submitted in £ Sterling and subject to bank charges relating to transfers and handling charges.
  • We understand and exercise our statutory right to add interest and compensation for debt and recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to the agreed credit terms. Unpaid invoices are subject to a surcharge. Any further charges incurred from recovering the debt will be covered by the client.
  • Certain assignments may require a deposit; this will need to have been received and cleared in our bank before work can commence.
  • We reserve the right to ask for full payment before work can commence for some assignments; this will be discussed with the client at the quotation stage.
  • Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, online payments, or PayPal.
  • RaindropComms cannot be held responsible for price changes to quotes given by suppliers (i.e. Travel agents, hotel prices, transport tickets.) Prices quoted are as at the date of the receipt of the assignment.
  • Where a client causes delay, changes the specification, requires extra work, meetings, or changes for previously accepted work, RaindropComms shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time and rate increase and/or advance payment.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice unless stated within our quotation.
  • When ordering Virtual Assistant hours, a minimum of one hour must be ordered.
 If you want to discuss how I can help your business grow book a FREE discovery call,
from this I can fully understand your needs and will quote based on an hourly rate or project basis.