As a business, you are probably using one or many social media channels, the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter but these are nowhere near the full list. You may have a great social media strategy set out for your business or may just be winging it! Either way, if it’s only you doing this so far, you are managing your own social media presence.

You are currently your business' Social Media Manager.


What is social media management?

Social Media Management normally refers to the outsourcing of a person or agency to take over this role for your business. There are advantages to having someone do this task for you:


Time - By outsourcing this task you are freeing up your own time which can be better served “doing” your business. Social Media can be a huge eater of time, and it’s very difficult to not become distracted and end up looking at cat videos or spend hours finding the correct links. 

Saving Money - When you consider what an hour of your time is worth to your business paying someone else to contrate on this task alone is much more cost-effective. You can budget the cost to either be task-based, package-based or work on a monthly retainer basis, a good Social Media Manager will give your company a great return on investment. 

Experience - By outsourcing your social media management you will gain the experience of a professional at a price that you can afford. This business experience can make a profound difference in your business growth. If you are are looking for a certain skill set such as Youtube editing or content writing, make sure you enquire they have these from the offset. 

Lack of your knowledge - Most of the business owners I work with admit that social media is just not part of their skill set. Be honest with how much knowledge you have around this subject, getting it wrong can cost you your business reputation. 

You just don't enjoy it - There will be parts of your business you just don’t enjoy, for me it’s my accounts. I would find I’d procrastinate and drag my heels when I came to this task. At the first possible moment, you should outsource any tasks that you just don’t enjoy. For whatever your WHY is of starting your own business, it wasn’t to be pulled down with tasks you don’t enjoy doing. 


If you’re considering hiring a Social Media Manager for your business then this is a task I really enjoy doing and have over 10 years of experience in. I’m happy to have a FREE 30-minute discovery call to discuss your needs and see if management would help you, contact me here to set this up.