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Should you invite ALL to LIKE your Facebook page?

Let's set the scene: Maybe you're excited about setting up your first Facebook page, buzzing, and eager to tell people about your products. Or you've had your page for years stuck on the same 298 followers forever... stuck for ideas and lacking in cash, you're at a loose end at how to boost those numbers; then this appears on a friend's business page.

Awesome you think, if I did that and all my friends Invited theirs to LIKE I'd have hundreds of new followers to look at my stuff. Right!!

WRONG. You may gain a couple of new Likes but in the future, it will detrimentally harm your page reach and the ability to share your posts and be seen by others.

Let's have a delve into why.


On Facebook, we're all a slave to the Algorithm. As of 2019 when Facebook did its last big change, even a brilliant page with a huge amount of followers can only expect to be seen by 5.5% of its page followers. Currently, the algorithm ranks each piece of content on a variety of factors called ranking signals.

Although the algorithm works out a vast amount of options to please your audience, in recent updates the 3 major ranking signals are: 

Interaction - Who does the user typically interact with? Are they a regular viewer? Does this content interest them.?

Post Type - Is it a video, link, photograph, or just an update.

Popularity - Are people commenting, sharing, and liking the post (in order of importance). Facebook wants to share friendly, useful, and helpful content so people want to stay on the platform. 


If you rank highly in these factors then your content will appear in more feeds, and even better in the feeds of your followers' friends, should Facebook think they might find you interesting.  So with that in mind...


Why shouldn't you invite ALL to LIKE your Facebook page?

Surely you want to invite everyone to your page then, because if only 5.5% of your following may see your content then the more LIKES you have the more chance someone sees your content. 

Still NO!

Not everyone you know, or your friends know, or that Aunt Bessie knows are your target audience. You will, of course, have already looked into your ideal client for your service or product and have a customer avatar set out. These new Likes are mostly not interested in your products, liking the page or your content. And this is where we meet the first hurdle. 

Let's pretend you posted the above Like All post and then sit back to wait for the floods of new likes. Your mate Dave then does as instructed and being a great friend invites all of his 650 friends to Like your page. Do they? Most likely not, on any given day we all get lots of notifications and invites on Facebook, a page invite is easy to miss. Maybe they're just not interested, or they know someone else that does this product. Facebook has a dim view of this lack of interaction, even going so far as to wonder if your page is spamming people with invites because even if you get new likes, are they then interacting with your content?

Due to this, we hit hurdle 2. Facebook now limits your reach until you can show them people are interacting with your content. You may have a sudden influx of new Likes due to the kindness of friends (not your target audience though) but now Facebook is limiting your reach because your content is not hitting the key ranking signals. You will have to work even harder now (and most likely pay) to signal to Facebook that your content is worth sharing, even to those that are now liking your page. 

In my next musing, I'll go into what you can post instead to get more interactions and gain new Likes. However, the main factor is making sure you produce good quality engaging content for your targeted audience. As I would much prefer that 5% (more if you're ranking high) seeing my content, engaging and buying from me; than ending up with hundreds of more Likes and no one seeing my posts at all. 







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Tuesday, 05 July 2022

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