Recently I have encountered a high number of Instagram accounts that have been suspended or Admin have been locked out, this can be for many reasons. The system to reinstate accounts can be long and tedious if you get anywhere at all, meaning you could potentially lose all your past content. For some people, this could be years of images, post content, and engaging conversations and connections. 

Did you know you can download all the content from your Instagram account?

If you click your Settings icon, click Security or Security and Privacy if on desktop.

Under the Data and History section, you can access the data Instagram holds on you and also Download Data. This Data Download tool will allow you to request a file that will include all your photos, profile information content, and comments.

Losing access to any social media account is frustrating, and if it's the only media channel you've got with your audience it can severely limit your communication with them. By only using one social media channel you are taking a risk, you do not own that platform and have no automatic right to access it, any platform could change overnight, limit your access or suddenly add a paywall to access it.

That is why I would recommend you have a few different channels to communicate with your audience but your main channel should be your website and an email list if possible, giving you full ownership and control.

If you would like further information on the best channels to communicate with your audience, or which content would help keep them engaged please pop me a message and we can arrange a free discovery call. 

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