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Is your business organised for Christmas 2020?

I know it's August and Christmas seems far away but if you're a retail business now is the perfect time to plan for the perfect Christmas. With worries about local lockdowns and supply issues that could arise from Brexit, people are being more organised around Christmas this year. Plus it gives everyone something to look forward to.

With that in mind over the next week, I'm going to provide a series of blog posts with useful tips and checklists to help you have the best Winter season.

Let's start with the fun bit, what's going to be this season's key trends?

You can never perfectly predict these as everyone has their favourites, but I've compiled my ideas list into a Pinterest board, as well as below, and thought it would be fun to look back and see if I got them right. Many years of retail experience have helped me spot the signs of these things, and you may consider some of them if you make ranges and gifts up for the season so you're well prepared. If you have links to your Christmas stock you'd like added to my Go To Gifts Guide add them in the comments section below, I'll be updating it up till the beginning of December. 

Just click the title link to head to my Pinterest board on the trend. 

Gathered Together - With the lockdown so many of us have been kept apart, for better or worse I think Christmas will be a time of family gathering. Celebrating everything it means to be a family and all that we've endured. Table settings, centerpieces, and lighting arrangements will be more considered this year. As well as people organising their food and drink for the main event ahead of time, consider making it easier for them with click and collect or delivery options.

Christmas Wreaths - This is a trend that's been growing year on year, with door decoration ideas coming from American influencers, this year will all be about showing the world you're celebrating early. With people being in their homes more during lockdown decorating the outside of their homes became fun, I wouldn't be surprised if Autumn wreaths with the now on trend dried floral arrangements came first and then turned into traditional wreaths for December. Think big bows, huge fanned out styles, and fairy lights.

DIY Rustic - With so many people on furlough for months on end people have had time to put their DIY skills to the test. This can go 2 ways, they never want to see a drill and paint again or they're going to jump on the DIY rustic Christmas trend. Think sustainability here, recycled and upcycled items, get the kids collecting pine cones and real pine branches.

Blush and Concrete - Not everyone enjoys the cluttered Christmas look and this trend will be heavily focused on minimal, low key and muted tones. Some people may choose this as another DIY project but with a huge amount of these products appearing in retailers already most will choose the option to buy them. Key gifting trends here will be candle holders, succulent plant holders and small stand up decorations.

Oversized Decor - We may not want to travel to New York this Christmas so many will be bringing the oversized trend over here instead, especially retailers wanting to signal they're open in a big way. Giant baubles, huge lighting displays, and Nutcrackers will all be heading to our high streets with retailers wanting to make the most of the shopping season and recoup some the lockdown profits.

Minimal Natural - A trend that's always on-trend Minimal Scandi style Christmas. For every person that loves the full-on Christmas of lights, glitter, and decorations everywhere; there's one that wants to do it low key and natural. Eucalyptus has appeared in Christmas styling a lot in recent years, this year you'll see it as wreaths, table settings, and mantelpiece arrangements. Think brown paper packages tied up with white twine, beautiful white ceramic candle holders, and decorated gingerbread houses.

Traditional Metallic - Gold, pewter, antique silver, copper. This trend appears each year but rather than just being elements this will be full glamour with a full-on shine. Layers of metallic ribbons, bows, tinsel, and vintage baubles, think cocktails shakers, Martini glasses, Old style gifts such as gold make up cases and boxed cashmere scarves. This style will look very traditional old-style Christmas and will suit an older clientele as a reminder of traditional family Christmas.

Midnight Gold - The perfect complement to the midnight blue feature wall that's so popular is to highlight it with golden decorations. You can keep things minimal with warm gold fairy lights and navy and gold baubles or go full-on with a full Midas touch throughout. Gold wrapping paper, velvet ribbons and glittering embossed details add the finishing touches.

Those are my predictions for Christmas 2020, do you feel I've missed the mark with any or want to add your own guesses? 

Feel free to comment or link to your own boards below. 

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