Hello There!

I thought I'd take some time to introduce myself and flesh out that About Section. It's here that I'm supposed to give you a huge list of credentials, all the various qualifications I have and huge brands I've worked with; but let's not be fanciful I haven't got those things. So why should you hire me? 

What I can tell you is I know what I'm talking about when it comes to social media, marketing small creative businesses, and working on a project you've put your heart and soul into. Under no circumstances would I call myself a social media expert, the scope of marketing online is ever-changing, and in the realms of the internet every day is a school day. However what I am, is a constant learner and digital user, finding the best solutions for my clients to put them ahead of the crowd. 

I Want You To Grow

I've worked for several years in public-facing industries learning what makes customers buy, how they interact with products and marketing, as well as growing my own small business. I love working with clients as they develop their brand, and help them grow their business online.

Whether it's a full social media setup, project management on the development and set up of your company or virtual assistant hands-on help; my role is to let you do more of what you love, spending time working on your business.

As your business grows my role may change or even become redundant, I don't feel this is a bad thing only that I've done my job really well. Your success will be my success. I like to build relationships with clients that are long-lasting and beneficial, long after my role has finished I work at introductions and passing on the business to those I have worked with. This networking of clients, businesses I've connected with and associates I work with gives me the ability to work as an agency connecting everything necessary to your growth. 

A Little More About Me

I'm based in Cumbria (yes it does have the internet), I love to share awesome although sometimes geeky content and enjoy to coworking and connecting other businesses through the power of great coffee and cake. I share my home with my husband and 2 crazy children, as well as a dog, cat, and snake. When I'm not online working on clients work, I'm online for fun via my own blog and I'm constantly trying to work out the secret to a work/life balance. 

Should you have any other questions for me regarding going freelance, regarding my services or how we could work together please click {here} and leave me a message, or feel free to comment below.