You only struggle because you're ready to grow but aren't willing to let go.

Drew Gerald

Many people see the role of a Virtual Assistant as a pure admin skill set, maybe someone who edits documents or spreadsheets or keeps your CRM system in check but they have so much more to offer.

If you're a health, business, or lifestyle coach I'm going to give you 8 ways a VA can help you grow your business.

  • Manage Your CRM System. This could be research into the best system for your business or adding new client details or prospects to your existing CRM system. I often receive audio notes, files, or documents which need to be added to a client's file. These will keep you organised and up to date without taking time out of your day. 
  • Website and Social Platform Updates. Making sure your website and social media platforms contain the most current information is essential to stay relevant and for your Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). This could be updating events or course details or updating online documents. 
  • Diary Management. Keeping your appointments organised and your timekeeping correct is important for making the most of your time. After all, time is money. This is a specialised service as you have to build up a strong bond of trust with your VA for them to understand your business and its timings as well as the different diary management systems. 
  • Manage your membership site. If you have created a membership site around your coaching program the day-to-day running of that site can take up hours of your time each month. Adding in new members, sending welcome packs, welcoming onto the site; are all jobs a VA can take responsibility for on your behalf. 
  • Designing lead magnets. Assets such as eBooks, checklists, slide decks, presentations, and workbooks take time to produce and develop. This is all time that you could be spending in your business working with your clients, growing your knowledge and connections. 
  • Creating and sending newsletters. If you send regular newsletters to your clients this is something a VA can take over, either using pre-agreed templates or repurposing your social content. I personally love Mailerite or Mailchimp but you may use integrated software or a different system, most are very quick to pick up. 
  • Creating blog posts. I love creating blog posts, such as the one you're reading, they're a wonderful way to share knowledge and information. They also have the added bonus of adding to your SEO on your website and making it easier to find your business online. Every coach should have a regular blog linked to their website. Some VAs work as copywriters taking a basic principle and creating the full post for you, some may just proofread your post and upload it. Each post should be SEO optimised, have correct links and sources as well as appropriate images. VAs can lighten this time burden on you taking away all or some of the tasks associated with blogging. 
  • Repurposing Content. As a Social Media VA, this is my favourite task and possibly the most time-efficient one if you're a person who likes to create content in one particular form. You may feel confident making a Youtube video, long blog post, or Podcast discussing a topic. This one-piece of content can be split and repurposed into other types such as quotes, newsletters, social media posts or several posts turned into ebooks or courses. 


A client came to me for social media content advice; they felt they connected really well with their audience when they interacted online. However, they found posting content a struggle and felt they didn't have much to talk about on their chosen platforms. When I reviewed their content I discovered they wrote a 1000plus word blog post each week, it's content was well researched and beautifully thought out but once posted and shared once it was never mentioned again. They had 2 years' worth of these blogs on their website! 

After a few discussions about what audience they wanted to appeal to and what courses they wanted to produce, I started to go through each post and pull out relevant content which could be turned into quotes, added to her newsletters, and developed a reference spreadsheet so the blog posts could be easily reshared again with relevant trending topics or linked to coursework. No evergreen content should ever go to waste. 

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