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5 jobs you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

Normally by the time you choose to hire a virtual assistant, you probably should have hired them several months earlier.

As a business owner myself, I understand how difficult it can be to release parts of your business that you've gotten used to doing yourself. Usually, the parts that take up most of your time are in fact the jobs you don't enjoy or you have not found the most efficient system to look after them. A virtual assistant can take on these tasks and due to their experience in these skills may make them more efficient and cost-effective, leaving you more time to work on the parts of your business you love. 





This can be a cumbersome task taking up hours of your valuable time, a virtual assistant can research the chosen topic on your behalf and present the data in any form necessary. 


These systems once set up can be a wonderful way of tracking and keeping up to date all your client information. Choosing a good system from the beginning which is right for your business and integrates with your other systems is key. Your VA can assess your business needs and recommend a CRM for you, and all your clients to it, automate its process and then training you in its use. You can decide if you would like to retain the VA to keep the CRM up to date. 


Not all VAs have website experience but most can edit pages, update links and blogposts, validate comments and generally keep your site tidy and ticking over. Some VAs have website development training and may be hired to fully update your site, add plugins or update e-commerce systems. 


It can take a lot of time to find that perfect image you need to go with your blog post or training manual, it's doesn't matter if it's a free site you use or Getty images there are still thousands to choose from. Once given the parameters you're looking for your VA can source a selection of images and even make sure they are edited to the correct size for the platform you're using. 


Most VAs can use one if not all of the image editing software to create your images for social media sharing, it could be an inspiring quote, Facebook banner image or Ebook cover. Professional looking and branded graphics throughout your site and social media can make you stand out against the competition but do you have the time and inclination to do it yourself? 

Are you considering hiring a virtual assistant for any of the above tasks? If so I feel I should point out that I offer them all and much more, if you'd like to discuss them in a free consultation just click here to contact me.  


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