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10 Blog Ideas For When You're Drawing A Blank

1. How To Guide. Quite simply write a step by step guide to solve a problem your reader may have. This could be writing the perfect post, using Canva, organising their kitchen cupboards or building a house; the choice is endless. 

2. Commentary. Pick a recent news story or article to give your opinion on, link back to the article. Keep any criticism fact based and pleasant as you wouldn't like to start an online spat, would you!

3. Photography. Not all blogs have to be word based, a series of photographs can tell a story just as well. A photo essay such as my day in cups of tea, a photo every hour or my work space can give a wonderful insight into your working day.

4. FAQ(frequently asked questions). If you find you get asked the same things over and over again consider having a FAQ blog post, if you get asked again you can share the link(and the rest of your site) with the reader.

5. A List. Well just like this, you can make a list of helpful points, it could be anything relevant to your industry. So top 5 vegetables to grow in November, 10 networking tips(coming soon) or top 7 beauty products. 

6. Quote. An image of your favourite quote can be a strong post, especially if it's designed well and shared throughout social media. Use image makers such as Picmonkey or Canva to get a professional look. 

7. Case Study. Show your expertise and write out a case study of someone you're helped develop and grow, a product you've had to develop through different stages or a facts and figures business case. 

8. Research. Have you compiled your own research on a subject? Then share it and discuss, it could be researching software, researching manufacturers or your family tree. Other people are in the same situations and will be grateful for the work you've put forward.

9. Interview. Be brave and ask that person you admire for an interview, or choose someone that your audience would love to know more about. Prepare a list of in depth questions, and prepare a nice email of introduction but know just blanket the industry with them as you're likely to get no reply or a very basic one. I normally contact people via social media first, after building a rapport with them I would then ask them if they'd like to take part in an interview. 

10. Biography. Don't forget to fully introduce yourself, especially if you've been blogging for a while as people may not know your story or experience. Link it back to your About Me page. 

I hope these have been helpful, why not write each heading down and bullet point underneath what post you could develop under the headings. Feel free to link a blog post of yours in the comments if it matches a category above, I look forward to reading and connecting with you. 



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