Hello there!

In 2009 during my maternity leave with my second child, I began a lifestyle blog, and a few months later encouraged by the online communities of the time started my first business. This was at the beginning of the social media and online shopping revolution, sites were clunky, graphics bare, and the platforms quite empty; with only 1.73 billion internet users worldwide compared to 4.39 billion as of 2019.

 After years of running my business and using social platforms to build communities and networks for myself, I found greater joy in helping other small business owners reach their potential than making products for my store. I created RaindropComms to assist small business owners struggling with time, if you have a hands-on business your time is better served making and doing. My creative virtual assistant and social media services allow them to concentrate on what they do best, giving them more time to do what they love. 

As well as my experience in setting up and running 2 businesses, I've been the community manager for a charitable organisation.
I am now working with a fellow award-winning virtual assistant to co-found a non-profit organisation to develop the industry, helping virtual assistants grow their businesses. If you'd like to learn more about this, or would like to become a virtual assistant checkout Borderlands VA Network

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Amanda Ryan - Raindrop Comms